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Landscape Supplies in Fort Myers, Florida

Landscape Supplies

We have a diverse selection of gardening tools and landscaping supplies to help with your projects, and we encourage you to see what we have to offer. Some landscaping products that we have include boulders, flagstones, mulches, and erosion blocks.

Lawn Care Materials

You will be able to choose from an assortment of lawn care supplies at our outdoor three-acre inventory, and our experts there will help you get the projects that you need for your job. Know that our landscaping specialists will offer you quality service for your landscaping needs.

Landscape, Landscape Company in Fort Myers, FL
To learn more about the products we have for you, contact Earth Elements, a landscape company in Fort Myers, Florida,

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Ft. Myers Beach, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, Naples, and North Ft. Myers

Formerly Total Landscape Supply | Took over Business on October 1st 2012

About Us

Earth Elements is a landscape supply company in Fort Myers, Florida that provides a variety of landscape supplies for your projects. We stand apart from other landscaping companies due to the superior service that we provide for your landscaping needs.

Customer Satisfaction

What we enjoy the most about our job is building businesses and maintaining positive relationships with our customers. In fact, the clients that we speak with regularly are not only our customers, but our friends as well. We look forward to providing you with not only quality business, but also a worthwhile relationship.